Cowbridge (Ancient Borough) with Llanblethian Town Council - 14th November 2017

The introduction, written by the Editor, to the recent first article about the Town Council indicated that these articles are written by a specific Councillor. In fact they are the initiative of the Council as a whole.

In the first article it was explained that the Council area comprises 4 wards: Cowbridge, Llanblethian East, Llanblethian West and Aberthin and that 15 Councillors represent these 4 wards. Representing Cowbridge are Sian Vaughan (the current Mayor), Marian Arnold, Andrea Burges, Nicola Thomas and John Andrew. Representing Llanblethian East are Terry Williams (the current Deputy Mayor), Sue Cox, Jon Harris and Russell Downe. Representing Llanblethian West are Gwen Baty, Geoff Cox, Alec Trousdell and Jamie Wallis. Representing Aberthin are Dave Morris and Chris George. More details can be found on the Council website

The number of electors in each of the 4 wards is Cowbridge 1110, Llanblethian East 1001, Llanblethian West 929 and Aberthin 309. So in total 3349.

The full Council meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7pm. There are four Standing Committees – Leisure & Amenities, Planning, Finance & General Purposes and Town Hall. These Committees meet on the first Monday and Tuesday of every month. The only time the Town Council does not meet is in August when it is in recess. All meetings of the Town Council are open to the public and are advertised on its notice boards and website Agendas and Minutes of meetings are also available on the website.

The Council is responsible for a number of assets in the town. These include the Town Hall, The Limes Cemetery, Holy Cross Churchyard, Twt Play Park and Llanblethian Playing Field. Future articles will provide more details on these, on the workings of the Council and its history.