News from the Town Council and a little history - 16th April 2018

Cowbridge (Ancient Borough) with Llanblethian Town Council is pleased to announce the appointment of a new Town Clerk, Ceri Anderson. Ceri is a former Clerk of Porthcawl Town Council. Her first day with Cowbridge with Llanblethian Town Council was Monday 16th April 2018. The Council wishes her every success.

The appointment of Ceri Anderson follows the resignation of the previous Town Clerk, David Morris. David had been Town Clerk since December 2015 and in his 2 years with the Council had brought in some important new policies and played a key role in initiating a Well Being Strategic Plan which the Council are committed to carrying forward over the coming months and years. The Council would like to take this opportunity of publicly thanking David for his contributions.

Since the departure of David Morris, the Assistant Town Clerk, Jackie Griffin, has been covering as Interim Town Clerk. Sadly Jackie has decided to leave after 19 years with the Council to take up a new opportunity. Jackie will be greatly missed not just by the Council but by the community as a whole.

There have also been changes amongst the Councillors. Councillor David Morris resigned from the Council earlier this year. Councillor Morris had been a member of the Council since 2004 and was Mayor in 2008 and 2015. One of his last acts before resigning was to organise the successful pantomime in the Town Hall. The Council would like to thank him for that and the many other contributions he has made both to the Council and the town as a whole over the years.

To make up the complement of Councillors the Council have co-opted Howard Wright and welcome him to the Council.

Ceri Anderson and Jackie Griffin Ceri Anderson will be the 8th Town Clerk since the Council, in its current guise, was formed in 1982. Its first meeting was held on 6th April 1982 under the name it had been given by the Welsh Office, “The Community Council of Cowbridge with Llanblethian”. At this first meeting it renamed itself “Cowbridge (Ancient Borough) with Llanblethian Town Council” which remains its title despite being commonly referred to as Cowbridge Town Council.

From 1974 to 1982 there were 2 Councils “Cowbridge Town Council (Ancient Borough)” and “Llanblethian Community Council” with the Llanblethian Council representing a considerably larger population and area, including Aberthin, than the Cowbridge Council. When the Councils were amalgamated it was actually the Clerk of Llanblethian Community Council, Maureen Frost, who became the Town Clerk of the new Council.

More of the history in a future article.

The next meeting of the Council will be at 7pm on Tuesday 24th April 2018. All meetings of the Town Council are open to the public and are advertised on its notice boards and website Minutes of meetings are available on the website.