Cowbridge (Ancient Borough) with Llanblethian Town Council - 18th October 2017

This is the first of what it is hoped will be a regular feature about Cowbridge Town Council or, to give it its proper name, Cowbridge (Ancient Borough) with Llanblethian Town Council. More on the history in a future article.

The Council area comprises 4 wards: Cowbridge, Llanblethian East, Llanblethian West and Aberthin. 15 Councillors represent these 4 wards. The 15 Councillors were appointed following the local elections in May of this year and will serve for 4 years. In fact only one ward, Llanblethian East, was contested and in Llanblethian West there were insufficient candidates so 1 Councillor has been coopted.

The Councillors all sit as Independents. They do not represent any political party on the Town Council although some of them may be members of a political party and may even represent that party on another council. People choose to put themselves forward for election as Councillors for a variety of reasons and if elected they become holders of a public office subject to a Code of Conduct and Legislative requirements. They must work together as Councillors to serve the community and represent the interests of the whole community.

Cowbridge with Llanblethian Town Council is one of over 700 community and town councils in Wales, which are the ‘grassroots’ or most local tier of local government, with the next level being the Principal Councils, in our case the Vale of Glamorgan Unitary Authority Council.

There are 4 members of staff employed by the Town Council. They are the Town Clerk, Assistant Town Clerk, Amenities Supervisor and Caretaker. They are all based in Cowbridge Town Hall, which is where the Council have their meetings. The full Council meet on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7pm and the meetings are open to the public.

Future articles will provide more details on the workings of the Council and its history.